High Performer Models

What is it?

Hyper Performance Models are accelerating people performance by duplicating the tacit knowledge and expertise of hyper performers and transferring it to others.  Through activity-based learning low and average performers within your business unit or organisation can quickly accelerate to high performance.  This enables you to harness a powerful means to impact business results fast.

Typical performance improvements are in the range of 1 to 2 standard deviations. In selling this equates to more than a 120% productivity increase. In operations this equates to more than a 20% productivity increase.

High Performance Model projects have been completed in areas such as:
– Transactional Sales (Process, Communication & Influence skills)
– Complex Sales (Process, Communication & Influence skills)
– Customer Service
– Communication & Influence (Rules of Engagement)
– Meetings
– Negotiation
– Change
– Leader as Coach
– Presentations
– Train the Trainer
– Frontline Leadership
– Executive Leadership
– Machine Operation

Any talent that has value to your business can be duplicated and used for accelerating people performance.

Accelerating people performance is delivered in one of two ways:

  1. If you have hyper performers we can duplicate what they do and the Intellectual Property stays with you (your High Performance Models), or
  2. We have a number of “off-the-shelf” models that are our Intellectual Property (our High Performance Models).


Why Evaluate Onirik Now

Imagine accelerating people performance in your business unit.  Imagine improving your business results in a way no one believed possible. Believe that you could have a situation where your people embrace non-negotiable goals and perform at industry best standards. Determine what that would mean for your revenue, expenses and profit. Contrast that with your current situation. Ask yourself, what is the difference costing me per day, per month, per year? If that cost is too high – contact Onirik now.

Onirik’s capabilities

Not all capabilities have the same degree of impact on business results. Some have more impact than others. It is important to keep the context of the industry in mind; results from one industry do not necessarily generalise across others. Onirik helps managers to investigate top performers to identify the differential impact of capabilities. And to direct energy to replicating those that matter most; the behaviours that are critical to whether the company does well.

We draw upon methodologies from the fields of accelerated learning, behavioural science, applied cognitive psychology, analytical modelling, symbolic modelling and implicit duplication of experts and expertise, project management, change management, Lean and Six Sigma, . All these combine to help improve your business performance quickly, significantly and for the long term.

We enter into assignments where your investment is linked to your financial results or KPI.  We do this so that for every $1 you invest with Onirik you get at least a $4 increase in gross margin. This ensures the project pays for itself within three months and generates a 300% ROI. It also means clients who do not have budget can start a project by borrowing from other budgets because the project can repay the loan within three months.

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