Client Results

Client Results

Onirik assignments target 300% or better ROI and payback within three months. Our track record shows clients consistently exceed that target.

Typically, when we speak to managers they tell us among the challenges they struggle with is the fact that 76% of employees are not engaged (Gallup 2013) and they carry the many business performance burdens associated with this.  Onirik and our clients start with the end in mind, i.e. the commercial or business performance improvement target.  We work backwards from that outcome to define the gap between current capability (e.g. in systems, processes, employee engagement, leadership effectiveness, top performer productivity models, strategy, etc.) and the required capability that will deliver the target.  The reason we have this approach, rather than stand alone training, is because, we want our interventions to be holistic, embedded in a change management framework and to translate into on the job behaviour change and lasting business performance improvement.

The chart below shows a performance distribution curve for the ROI measured on client projects over the last 18 years.  The x-axis shows measured ROI.  The y-axis shows the percentage of projects returning the stated ROI.  The lowest results for 4% of projects have an ROI between 275% and 300%.  The most common ROI results (achieved on 66% of projects) sit in the 400% to 500% range.  A significant group of 30% have achieved more than 500% ROI.

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