What is Modelling?

Client Story: What is Modelling?

It’d make a big difference to your business if everyone on your team were a top performer. Managers have long attempted to duplicate top performers and been disappointed by the results.

Modern modelling of experts and expertise is an effective science that can access unpack the states of mind, beliefs, thinking patterns, skills and processes that drive expert performance. It is a set of tools and methods for gathering accurate maps of expert behaviour and expertise. The purpose of modelling is to transfer the ability of experts (i.e. top performers) to someone who needs or wants the ability of the expert. Done effectively, modelling can deliver significant performance improvement quickly. Accompanied with the appropriate teaching, coaching and change management methodologies it has helped companies to cash in that elusive pot of gold latent in their top performers.

This whitepaper describes how modern modelling techniques work, tap into the deep structure of expertise and transfer it to others.

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