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The sharing of knowledge, resources and insights is part of our core mission to help our clients achieve significant, fast, and lasting business performance improvement – ultimately reflected in improved profit margins.
We share our resources and findings, together with those of external experts, to provide managers in our client organisations the information they need to make fact based decisions.
We also provide a number of simple practical tips that can be implemented by managers to drive performance improvement.

Business Performance Improvement

Driving business performance improvement has become an imperative. Growth in many industries and economies in the western world is stagnating. Improvements using traditional models like automation, Lean and Six Sigma are running into problems:

  1. The law of diminishing returns.  In-house improvement projects are generating smaller and smaller ROI.  The low hanging fruit has been picked.
  2. The filter of prevailing paradigms.  Clients tell us that they’ve fixed nearly everything they can identify.  They need new ways of thinking about their business to generate new ideas.
  3. The big external projects run by large consulting firms have not delivered the results expected.  Often the new automation systems just have firms doing what they used to do (some of it crazy) faster rather than doing something new and smarter.

The innovative senior executives are frustrated and looking for something different.

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