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"Virtual World Rehearsals are designed to leverage the underlying human mechanisms involved in accelerated learning & change. These adaptive unconscious processes learn 200,000 faster than conscious processes. For corporations this means adaptation to complexity can be reduced from years to weeks and —8-16 hours of experience in the virtual world can accelerate real world expertise by years."

Geoffrey Wade

Founder & CEO

Onirik World Group




The risk is VIRTUAL

The cost of failure is VIRTUAL

Yet the learning is REAL


Virtual World Rehearsal

$17 Billion in value realised by clients

12,000 employees through FutureView 

25 years of peer reviewed research


Virtual World Rehearsal clients typically experience 

"It is hard to describe the impact of the WTRI rehearsal. Working in the simulation accelerated the realisation of the need for change and in our use of technology. Two of the innovations developed during the simulation have already been approved for company-wide implementation. In a word, AMAZING!"


Elliot Cohen identified three modes of military failure that can translate to business strategy:

  1. failure to learn,

  2. failure to anticipate and

  3. failure to adapt.

With accelerating rates of change we see repeated examples of aggregate and catastrophic failure (when two or three of these factors are concurrent) - Kodak and Nokia are just two examples.


Most organisations have a strategy and innovate, yet most never realise their potential due to incomplete testing and failure to diligently implement. 

Research suggests that a minimum 67% (and up to 90%) of well-formulated strategies failed due to poor execution and more than 90% of business improvement investments fall short of expectations.

Unprepared leaders and rapidly changing business  

environments are cited as primary causes.


Science shows us people and organisations learn best through trial and error - through iterative failure. The business world can’t afford this type of learning. 

We partner with WTRI to help organisations to accelerate successful strategy realisation. Our virtual world rehearsal approach releases the capability of leaders and teams, uncovers innate talent, encourages creativity and fosters discretionary effort. ​

Strategic plans and business improvement initiatives succeed after rehearsal within a FutureView virtual world because leaders and their teams learn, anticipate and adapt in an environment where it is safe to take risks and learn from failure and success.  The risk is virtual, the cost of failure is virtual and yet the learning is real and when bought back to, and applied in the real world, drives business performance improvement transformations.

Why Use Virtual World Rehearsals in Business

The virtual world rehearsal has shown dramatic financial turnarounds for companies on the brink of disaster and accelerates learning and change to align organisational behaviour with high-level strategic goals.


The key to the success of FutureView Rehearsal is learning through repetitive trial and error.  Those who participate in the process unlearn outdated or unaligned knowledge and behaviours through failure, while practicing and learning implicitly how to deliver on non-negotiable goals.  It allows participants to fail in the face of real time feedback and invent novel solutions until the goal is reached, drawing concrete links between behaviours and long-term consequences.

Dynamic Strategic Modeller

Rehearsal of Business Strategies & M&A

The Dynamic Strategic Modeller is a long-range strategic planning tool (virtual world platform) that models the impact of strategic decisions in terms of precise financial outcomes for bullet-proof deployment.




FutureView Virtual World

Rehearsal of High Stake Context

The FutureView Rehearsal is game-based learning in a virtual world platform that accelerates new technology deployment, the development of expertise for high stake, complex and difficult-to-train activities or solve ‘wicked’ problems without the cost of 'trial and error' in the real world.

Collaborative games allow our client employees to experience how their business operates today and how it will transform in the future. The virtual world experiences deliver a fundamental change to the way the business thinks and operates, enabling teams to innovate and perform.

By enabling people to test the consequences of their strategies and ideas they gain a rapid understanding of what works and the commercial consequences.  This understanding can be transferred to the real world day to day work environment, building more effective strategies and accelerating their implementation, allowing people to learn, anticipate and adapt to tomorrow, today.



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A Fast, Affordable and Simple Solution

Real agile management and change expertise is still in short supply relative to the needs of most organisations.

Developing these competencies requires a shift in perspective and behaviour of agile business managers and is most deeply learned through trial and error on real projects, and failures – a well understood cognitive science phenomenon called cognitive dissonance.

The Maax virtual world has been designed specifically to meet these iterative learning requirements and accelerate the shift from novice to expert in weeks instead of years. 

A Current Problem

Organisational change has a poor track record that has shown marginal improvement over the last 20 years. Despite the existence of rigorous methodologies, the proportion of change projects that are successful (i.e. on time, on budget, and deliver the expected outcome) is still unacceptably low at around 34%.

This is exacerbated when organisations struggle with marketplaces that require them to adjust quickly to opportunities and threats.


in Virtual Worlds


through iterations

Test & Develop

Agility, Creativity 

Problem Solving


Leading &

Connecting Teams

Learn from Mistakes

without Real World

Costs & Consequences

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