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BravaTrak gives you real-time visibility of your managers’ sales coaching activity

You probably don’t have real-time visibility of what coaching your frontline managers are doing. Without data on their coaching activity and on the quality of their coaching, you can’t hold them accountable for doing what they need to. Nor do you know what support they need.


BravaTrak evaluates the quality of sales coaching provided by your managers

Even if your managers are coaching consistently, that doesn’t mean they’re doing it well. However, you probably don’t have any visibility of the quality of coaching provided by each of your managers to their direct reports. Without this, you can’t hold them accountable for their coaching quality, or assist them to improve. Regular online Coaching Surveys evaluate the quality of their coaching. 


BravaTrak turns your sales managers into High-Performance Coaches

Your managers are unlikely to have been trained in High-Performance Coaching, including:

What to coach: the High-Performance Behaviours which your top performing 15% of frontline staff do differently from your average performers;

How to Coach: the 6 Coaching Techniques to reinforce behaviour they want team members to keep using, correct off-track behaviour, and guide team members when they need help; and

When to coach: the best-practice Coaching Rhythm they need to follow.


The Coaching Model (Strada7) turns your sales managers into High-Performance Coaches.


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