Geoffrey Wade

Geoffrey is the founder of Onirik and a management consultant with over 30 years of experience in growing companies and change management. Geoffrey has BSc, BE, MBA, Graduate Certificate in NLP, and NLP Trainer qualifications. He is also an accredited ISO9000 Auditor.


In his corporate career Geoffrey held a wide range of executive positions including CEO, COO, MD, and GM with local and multi-national companies in a variety of sectors. He has expertise in all areas of management with a proven record of business success. Geoffrey has worked in or with the information technology, banking, contact centres, insurance, utility, retail, mining, manufacturing, telecommunications and transport industries. He has demonstrated senior-level through to front-line experience in sales, change management, decision-making, policy direction, strategic business planning and implementation, personnel leadership and management, marketing, market positioning and brand development. He has been an executive coach, business performance improvement and leadership development and management consultant and seminar presenter since 1998.


Geoffrey is based in Brisbane, Australia.

Lia DiBello PhD

Dr. DiBello has developed many innovative (non-verbal) methods of assessing skill and business judgment among executives. She is the innovator behind the FutureView™ Profiler, which has been recognised as a theoretical and methodological breakthrough in knowledge elicitation and executive intelligence. It was also awarded an Innovative Technology Award by TechAmerica in 2008 and funded by research awards from the National Science Foundation.


Dr. DiBello has led over sixty virtual world rehearsal projects since 1995 for the purposes of business performance improvement and increased cognitive agility. This work has led to recognition from and formal research partnerships virtual world developers, such as Linden Labs and SAIC. She also has several formal research partnerships with other scientists working to develop business applications that take advantage of advances in cognitive science.


Lia is based in San Diego, CA, US.

Dave Lehmann PhD

Dr. Lehmann has successfully built businesses from $10 million to $2 billion annual sales. 


He has experience in strategy development and business investment, research and product development, engineering, operations, supply chain innovations, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), sales and marketing, overhaul and repair, and customer services. 


He has experience with multiple distribution and sales channel strategies from technology licenses to prime product direct sales and value added reseller channels.


He is known for his total dedication to the development of the management team members while setting high expectations and absolute accountability for managing for results.  He is also known for looking with a wide view for new solutions and innovative ways to create high performing profitable organisations with sustainable value propositions and business models.


David is based in San Diego, CA, US.

Ron Cruikshank PhD

Ron is an organisational consultant.  He is a former CEO of two large American companies and several smaller ones, an author and an inventor.  While serving as Director of Motorola's Emerging Technologies Center he led the team, and has his name on the original patents, that developed the digital book known as the Amazon Kindle. He has participated in multiple start-ups including a high-speed wireless internet service with Motorola and Radio Shack called Deeplight and a Venture Capital firm in Silicon Valley called Sky to Street Ventures.  Ron has won national awards in recognition of creativity and innovation including the SIGGRAPH Cyberedge Award and Motorola’s International Innovation Award.  


While Ron holds multiple degrees, the highest being a PhD from Cal-Western University, he will tell you , if asked, that any insights he offers come as a result of many failures and that he is a slow learner.

Ron is based in Vietnam and spends his time between Asia, North America and Australia.

Clive Alcock

Clive is a highly versatile management consultant with over two decades of experience in Business Transformation, Change Management and Organisation Development (OD). Having worked in a variety of internal and external consulting roles and with an impressive list of 'blue chip' clients - he really understands the architecture of change. 


His client-oriented approach balances the' art and science' of change and he excels in adapting to dynamic situations. He has a solid track record in delivering the people and organisation transformation outcomes you need. 


In many cases the actual process of change is (at least) as important as the destination itself.  Building your internal capability for change is the difference that makes a difference.


Clive is based in Sydney and splits his time between Australia, US and the Europe.

Blair Stevenson

Blair is a leadership development and leadership analytics expert. 


For the past 27 years he has helped organisations rapidly increase sales and service, while also improving employee engagement, by improving the leadership performance of their managers. He has extensive experience in creating significant performance improvements for a wide range of clients across Australia and New Zealand. As a result, Blair has gained unparalleled insights into what works, and what doesn’t to quickly increase sales and service. 


Based on his 27 years experience helping a wide range of clients across Australia and New Zealand to rapidly improve sales conversion, he's found the way to do this is to help transform their sales managers into Great Sales Managers.


Blair is based in Auckland, New Zealand and works across the Asia-Pacific region.

Greg Layton

For over a decade Greg has been the trusted advisor to CEOs and executive teams of multi-billion dollar, global listed companies as they lead large-scale transformations critical to the company’s future. Prior to that he was a senior program manager and business analyst for 10 years.


He has also consulted as a high performance coach for elite level tennis legends, Super Rugby, NRL and tour golf, and previously sat on the National Board for Bravehearts. He has lived and trained with the Shaolin Monks in China and tackled ultra marathons in the Gobi and Atacama Deserts.


Greg is based in Melbourne, Australia

Chris Collingwood

Chris specialises in one to one work with people, course design and accreditation, and the training of corporate consultants and executive coaches.


Chris holds a Diploma in Training and Assessment Systems, a Degree in Psychology, a Graduate Certificate in NLP, NLP Trainer certification and a Masters degree in Applied Science Social Ecology.


He has over twenty years experience in coaching, consulting and leading seminars in Australia, Indonesia, India, China, New Zealand and the US.

Chris is based in Sydney, Australia.

Ambrose McKinnery

Ambrose is a psychologist.  He has BA Hons (Psy), GD Counselling, GCNLP qualifications.  


Ambrose's career has been principally one of consulting and assisting organisations with their human resource needs from psychometric assessment for personnel selection, to job analysis and design and establishing performance management and appraisal coaching systems. 


He has consulted to companies across the board, including mining, transport, medical, manufacturing, and professional services.  


Ambrose is based in Brisbane.

Michael Brook

Michael is a mechanical engineer, miner, modeller of expertise, performance coach and trainer. Mike has BE (Mech Eng), GCNLP, and hypnosis qualifications. Mike has trained extensively and taught in the field of applied cognitive psychology and hypnosis.
Mike is a very experienced consultant in the fields of duplicating exerts and expertise, coaching and development.  


Michael has particular interest in modelling the fundamentals analysis, technical trading algorithms, money management rules and psychology of highly successful stock and derivatives traders. He has achieved a high level of success employing the trading models he has developed and teaches them under the brand Trading State.

Mike is based in Brisbane, Australia.

Tim O'Donohue

Tim brings more than 25 years of sales experience and a deep understanding of business to his role as a business development manager at Onirik.

Prior to joining Onirik Tim worked as a business development executive in the Office & Mobile Technology and Workflow Solutions Industry where he won numerous top performance awards. Previously he worked in business development roles in the residential construction sector where he finished as an award winning regional sales director. He also operated his own businesses, was a member of the global "Entrepreneurs' Organisation" and one of the organisers of the first Asia-Pacific Conference, and is a Founding Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (FAICD).

A results-driven strategist, Tim provides expert relationship management and strategic guidance to clients. He builds trust through a demonstrated ability to identify where and how to improve and optimize business performance and achieve desired results. Tim has a passion for professional and personal development and building his global professional network.

Tim splits his time between Hong Kong and Brisbane, Australia.