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A paradigm shift in exploration

A series of key technology trends and economic drivers are providing mining organisations new means to accelerate change.

The mining sector is increasingly testing a breakthrough to revolutionise the exploration phase. #MineralFinderTechnology (MFT) introduces a one step process from electromagnetic exploration to minimal highly targeted drilling to feasibility.

This exploration technology brings a paradigm shift to exploration, much like the digital watch bought to the mechanical watch industry in the late 1960’s. Initially, the digital watches faced scepticism and resistance from both mechanical watchmakers and consumers. However, a segment of the market recognised the potential of digital watches and embraced the change. The paradigm shifted rapidly, and digital watches became mainstream. Companies that failed to adapt to the new paradigm struggled to survive, while those that embraced the change thrived.

MFT brings a paradigm shift just like the digital watch

We look forward to supporting the #MFT paradigm shift and its contribution to the mining sector. If you’d like to learn more visit our article in Mine Magazine (June 2023).

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