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High psychologically safe employees stay longer & produce more

Updated: Apr 23

Happy contact centre employee

The prevailing model for business is long time frames, a big up-front capital cost, low success rates, and high risk.

There are also assumptions in business that, “Things can’t change.” These assumptions are often accompanied by thinking that says, “Even though it may be slow, expensive, and have low success rates, we do things a particular way because we know it works.”

The risk is this thinking can blind us to new things when they come our way.

For a long time business has seen the workforce as a liability, not an asset that warrants careful nurturing.

Yet we know, from decades of research, and our decades of analytics work with clients, that staff with high psychological safety stay longer and produce more. This simple concept is portrayed in the image.

When your staff feel psychologically safe they collaborate as teams. and you can flip the prevailing model for business to get short time frames to results, lower up-front capital cost, higher success rates, and lower risk.

When you look at it this way, it’s simple. And that is why more and more organisations are giving psychological safety equal priority and importance to that given to employee physical safety. They measure both and manage both.

What priority do you give #psychologicalsafety in your workplace, and your home?



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