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When the impossible, is possible

Updated: Mar 15

When we hear that “Impossible!” pushback, we smile, because we remember how history is full of the impossible becoming possible. And we recall our clients' case studies that often tell the story of them achieving what was thought would be an impossible outcome.

We realise that often people think our work is impossible because, just like us, they don’t know all the science that is out there. And they don’t understand that we leverage new science that disrupts existing paradigms. Or we see them misinterpret the new science and bucket it with what they know.

Sometimes it is because results seem too good to be true. How could your exploration technology do that? It's violates the iron triangle of cost, time and quality... How could organisations change that fast? How could they get such much growth in shareholder value in so little time? How could the technology do that when the physics, psychology (whatever) says not possible? These are familiar questions.

In response we created this fun video clip to remind us all (yes that includes our team) that “it is only impossible until it is done.” And our clients have used our technologies and methods to do the impossible.

I once asked a friend “What did you learn from running the Gobi Desert Ultramarathon?” He said, “It removed all the limitations I had placed on myself around what is possible.” What can you do today that will break outside your paradigms about what is possible?

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