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The invisible 'silence in your workplace' is costing you

Updated: Apr 23

Employee holding her head in her hands

Evidence from empirical studies conducted in diverse organisational, industrial, cultural and regional contexts supports the idea that psychological safety is a key foundation for workplace effectiveness.

Numerous organisational studies have consistently shown:

  • Psychological safety plays a role in enabling performance, particularly when there is uncertainty and a need for either creativity or collaboration to accomplish the work

  • Psychological safety impacts organisational learning where skill and knowledge acquisition takes place in the interpersonal interactions between interdependent team members. People will not offer ideas, admit mistakes, ask for help, or provide feedback if they believe it is unsafe to do so

  • Psychological safety determines how likely it is people will to speak up at work. Upward communication, speaking up to those who occupy positions to authorise actions, helps challenge the a limiting status quo, identify problems or opportunities for improvement, and offer ideas to improve performance

Google, Gallup and Harvard have shown that workplace #psychologicalsafety drives productivity. The complication is that low psychological safety is inconspicuous. By ‘seeing’ the invisible ‘silence in your workplace’ you can begin to fix it. Conductor is a tool that measures psychological safety in your organisation, quantifies it in financial terms using your KPIs, and shows you how to improve it. Conductors proprietary PS25™ survey instrument accurately measures team psychological safety across your organisation. The Leadership Analytics Dashboard shows just how different every team in your organisation is. The Dashboard connects PS25™ results to your KPIs so you can quantify your improvement opportunities and target support where it maximises impact and return. The assessment easy to understand and can be completed in less than four minutes per person. As one COO said, “For the first time, Conductor enabled us to create a direct link between the psychological safety of our teams and our commercial results. This gave us a great opportunity to remodel our operational strategy to optimise both across our business.”



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