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8 hours of immersive online

learning modelled on the

genius of facilitators of

highly productive meetings




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What you get...

  • access to an 8 hour online training workshop facilitated by 2 leading communication experts

  • expertise modelled from genius facilitators of meetings

  • 8 hours of immersive learning within a meeting forum for clarity and uptake

  • step-by-step proven processes and communication success patterns detailed in an easy-to-understand way and each with its own experiential learning activity to embed each new skill set

  • access to a 59 page Ebook containing all the 'keys' to running and attending meetings like magic!

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Statistics unearthed by the 3M Company while researching its ‘meetings efficiency calculator’ show that C-Level leaders spend 69% of their time in meetings. Leaders spend 50% of their day in formal meetings and another 20% in informal interactions. 35% - 70% of the typical professional’s time is spent in meetings. Even front-line staff can spend 40% of their time in meetings.


The problem is that between 34% and half of that meeting is said to be wasted time. There is a global problem with meetings.

There is a




Why this offer?

It's simple.


We intend to help employees directly (everywhere) during COVID-19.


This program is specifically for employees (C-level, middle management and the frontline) who:

  • are frustrated by the number, length and inefficiencies of meetings; and

  • want to become highly effective communicators, both in their work and personal lives

The difference that makes ALL the difference

This program provides a model for running online and in-person meetings highly productively.

What is the difference between this program and others that are out there? Most of the models and programs on running meetings just cover the process. Setting agendas, sending them out before the meeting and Inviting only the people you need to attend the meeting are fundamental process aspects of organising and running a meeting. They are a valid and useful systematic series of actions that can be performed in order to set the conditions for highly productive meetings.


There is another vital element that needs attention and is overlooked by many meetings programs. That is that meetings are run with people. So in addition to the process part of running meetings, what meeting facilitators want is an effective means to connect and communicate with delegates, to engage and influence participants and direct them so that the meeting outcome is the result that the facilitator actually wants attendees to achieve. That is optimal use of everyone’s time.

When facilitators apply the process and communication patterns in this program, they obtain a 10% - 20% increase in productivity, just by changing the way they run meetings. We have taught these patterns within organisations in the past when most meetings were held face-to-face. We have testimonials on file where executives, leaders and even middle managers tell us that when they applied the communication patterns in this program systematically, they halved the number of meetings they needed to hold, and halved the amount of time they spend in the meetings they do hold. They also got a lot more done.

8 hour online WORKSHOP

59 page EBOOK