White Fabric

The Invisible Key
unlocks Retail Transformation

Retail is going through a significant transformation to address the permanent reduction in foot-traffic as a consequence of on-line shopping and the pandemic.


With reduced in-store foot traffic, the importance of improving sales performance has become paramount.


In this webinar we'll discuss:

  1. Why transformation is a near-certainty in retail;

  2. The increasing importance of customer in-store experience;

  3. How low psychological safety among your people creates fierce resistance to change and impacts customer service and sales, and

  4. What you can do to improve your people’s psychological safety thereby increasing the likelihood of transformational success and sales performance.


Join Geoffrey Wade, CEO of Onirik and Alex Glassey, Chief Innovation Officer of ConductorSoftware, to explore this topic in detail.

Webinar Time Stamps:

5:15 to 9:00

How the retail sector is undergoing massive transformation


9:00 to 16:00

What is psychological safety


16:30 to 31:00

How psychological safety impacts in-store sales metrics


43:04 through 54:50

How psychological safety impacts transformation readiness and organisational agility


55:00 through 58:00

How to improve psychological safety