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Being both a paradigm change and a disruptor

What is a paradigm change in mineral exploration?  What is a disruption?  Let me simply explain why mining oil and gas see the new technology as a disruption.

Conventional exploration and technology focusses on the geology - the structure of the rocks up until drilling.  The #MineralFinderTechnology and #OilandGasFinderTechnology focus on the presence of economically viable elements or hydrocarbons.  They flip the process and only address the geology (using conventional methods) after the presence of the resource of interest is verified.  Both a paradigm change and a disruptor.

Sometimes we compare it to changes in the field of medicine.  There was a time when to find out what was going on inside the body, or to fix a problem, you had to use open cut surgery.  It was a massive invasion of the body.  Now days you use x-ray, ultra-sound, and MRI, before doing key hold surgery.

The #MFT and #OFT paradigm change cuts time and cost between 40% and 80% - although the latter is more typical.  Look to the diagram below for the explanation of how and where.  And it also means you only invest in defining the geology in the places where there are reserves you want to mine.

Traditional exploration timeline versus MFT, WFT & OFT timeline

Another outcome is success rates jump from 5% to over 50%.  That’s a paradigm change and a time and cost saver. 

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