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Helping the mining sector,
access future-smart, eco-friendly technologies to solve some of their most pressing issues

In a world with aspirations to transition to electric powered transport from renewable energy sources, the mining sector has substantial exploration and production growth targets to meet.  We have solutions that make those impossible seeming growth goals achievable.

Our vision and mission for Onirik is to bring innovative technologies to the mining sector.  Technologies that solve the wicked problems and so become the catalysts for mining to be & do better for both shareholder value and the world we live in.

Onirik's provides future-smart technologies that dramatically accelerate exploration, clean up tailings, improve productivity and safety, reduce risk and environmental impact.  We also help junior miners and explorers get started or level-up by connecting them to the finance option/s they need to realise their goals.

CEO & Founder

Geoffrey Wade

As a consequence of our work with technologies like AI and digital twins we've cultivated a network and partners with paradigm shifting technologies for the resources sectors.


Our historic work with analytics and technology for people, and leadership performance for profit, across a number of sectors, including mining, water, and finance has convinced us that the these sectors are critical to our collective future.  So we are focussing our capabilities upon supporting the mining, oil, gas and water sectors.  


We also connect like-minded exploration, mining and energy companies get started or level-up by connecting them to the resources sector friendly finance option/s to realise their goals.

Some of our partners

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ACSILabs Inc

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Altitude Geospatial
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It always seems impossible, until it's done.

Nelson Mandela

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