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Mineral Finder Technology

With more precision in less time

A technology proven over 30 yrs of ongoing research & 10+ yrs of successful projects

Oil & Gas Finder Technology (OFT) and Mineral Finder Technology (MFT) have been used in over 400 research & commercial projects to date. OFT has been used successfully in the petrochemical industry for decades.  In the last decade MFT has been adopted in the mining industry exploring iron, coal, anthracite, nickel, gold, platinum, copper, zinc, silver, lead, chromite to name just a few.

Our OFT & MFT partner, CTAC, have a complete library of the resonant frequencies, in the deep blue and ultraviolet spectrums for the naturally occurring elements (ie. the periodic table) and mineral compounds of interest (ie. elements as they occur in nature) for mining, oil, and gas exploration. 

precise technology that significantly increases discovery success rates

Success rates in the discovery of significant reservoirs have been less than 10% for many years and with most frontier exploration now offshore, has declined to one in twenty (5%). Twenty potential sites may be explored, over long time frames and at high cost, to bring one reservoir to production.

While this success rate can be influenced by a number of factors, including fluctuations in commodity prices, changes in government regulations, and unexpected technical challenges that arise during the exploration and development process, the success rate on OFT projects is above 50%.

The number of sample points is high (above 30,000) and average accuracy our historical data (developed by comparing OFT 3 dimensional hydrocarbon reservoir maps with seismic and well data) is above 94%.


The result is less exploratory dry wells, higher drilling success, and a reduction of up to 80% in exploration costs and much more reservoir data (including reserve pressures) to feed into the well feasibility, design, planning and operation phases. There is no other passive technology that can give you this level of detail and accuracy.

Investing in OFT reduces your costs by up to 80%

Hydrocarbon exploration faces spiralling costs with dwindling resources and the search for offshore reserves.  By the time exploration is complete, between US$250M and US$1B may have been invested on the survey phase. Most frontier exploration is now offshore, where a single exploratory well can cost $50 million.

Combined OFT and targeted drilling expense is more than 80% below than current methods (e.g. combined seismic, electromagnetic and drilling). The reduced cost contributes to your capacity to evaluate more potential resource sites.

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Advanced technology that provides faster turn-arounds

Petrochemical exploration has long time cycles. The exploration process usually takes 6 to 10 years to complete but can take 20 years.

One of the biggest benefits of OFT is the speed. OFT takes 17 weeks in total. It is usually followed by a very short, a very high confidence, small and targeted drilling program. The quick OFT process, and high success on drilling, leads to shorter exploration cycles so you can evaluate more potential sites.

No environmental disturbance & no  permits required

Seismic technology has become controversial. Almost all marine mammals and reptiles navigate and communicate using sound. The blasts of sound emitted from the air guns can injure marine animals.


Petrochemical drilling inevitably disturbs the environment. And the complicated nature of unstable areas means the impact can't always be accurately predicted without better data.

OFT uses passive electromagnetic sensing to discover hydrocarbon potential. It has zero impact on the environment and marine life.

Our ongoing support helps you maximise ROI & project success

We call the fourth phase in OFT the support phase.  After the client receives the phase three technical report they usually move to a highly targeted and minimal drilling campaign. For OFT this is to verify the reservoirs of oil, gas, or condensate are at the locations, depths and pressures forecast in the OFT report.
In all engagements, during the drilling program CTAC provide technical support on-site, and from the laboratory.  For example, the CTAC team may take measurements at a proposed drill point, before the drilling is done, to ensure the drilling is in the optimal place and the targeted location.
CTAC also provide ongoing laboratory and field support during the subsequent construction, and operation phases for no additional cost, except travel.

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