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Those 'Wow' moments

How You KNOW You Have the Right Solution for Your Market: When "Wow!" Says it All.

Remember that feeling of presenting to a client, pouring your heart out, and ... silence crickets?  Yeah, not ideal.  But what if your audience interjects with excited exclamations like, "Wow, this is disruptive!" or "That's huge, it means we can skip all the normal slow costly steps and save years!”?

Presentation going well and getting a Wow moment

That, is the feeling of hitting the market sweet spot.  Here’s how you know you've got the right solution:

1. Audience Anticipation:

You haven't even finished a sentence, and they're already leaning in, eyes wide with anticipation.  Their body language screams, "Tell me more!"  This kind of engagement isn't just politeness; it's genuine curiosity and excitement about what you're offering.

2. Unexpected "Wow" Moments:

In a number recent presentations (on the Mineral Finder Technology), the audience chimed in at as many as separate points with surprised but delighted exclamations.  They were seeing the value and potential before I even revealed the full picture.  Talk about powerful validation!

3. Proactive Problem-Solving:

They don't just listen; they actively connect the dots between your solution and their challenges.  They start suggesting applications and use cases you haven't even considered.  This shows they're mentally invested and truly understand the problem you're solving.

4. Beyond "Cool" to "Essential":

The audience “Wow!" moments go beyond mere novelty.  They see your solution as transformative, even essential, for their success.  They start asking, "When can we get started?" or "How can we integrate this into our existing systems?".  This is the ultimate sign of a perfect market fit.

Remember: These “Wow!" moments aren't magic; they're the result of:

Deep market research: Understanding their pain points like the back of your hand.

Customer-centric solutions: Building something that truly addresses their needs, not just a cool product.

Compelling communication: Translating your solution's value into plain language, their language.

So, next time you present, watch for those “Wow!" moments.  They're the applause you crave, the signal that you're onto something truly game-changing. 

If they're not there, change your pitch.  Now go out there and disrupt your market!

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