What results clients achieve


Typical outcomes include:
– results within 3-6 months;
– changes that stick;
– world’s best employee engagement;
– doubled productivity;
– halved costs;
– more than 300% ROI.

How we help managers


We help Managers to improve business performance with:
– leadership analytics;
– leadership training;
– leadership development consulting;
– duplicating the talent of top staff;
– applications of neuroscience.

How we ensure your ROI


We start with the end in mind (a measurable performance improvement target).
We link your investment to the actual measured result (financial or operational).
We guarantee the outcome.

Why evaluate Onirik now?


If you have problems you can’t solve now using your internal resources or existing partners. Calculate the cost of these issues and the value of having them resolved within 3-6 months. Calling us now might be your next step.