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Step 1: WorkforceExplore

Leaders can manage high-velocity performance improvement when they know where to place their attention, what to do, when to do it and how to lead change.  WorkforceExplore tells them where to act.

Step 2: WorkforceImprove

WorkforceImprove helps leaders to know what to do, when to do it and how to navigate change with ease, without disruption, in the shortest timeframe and with maximum adoption.  

This short Simon Sinek interview by Tom Bilyeu, we believe, metaphorically summarises some of the principles underpinning our WorkforceExplore & WorkforceImprove solutions.  Well worth the 5 minute listen.

Month 1 Sprint

WorkforceExplore Assessment

Month 2 Sprint

Month 3 Sprint


WorkforceImprove Plan

Adjust WorkforceImprove Plan

Adjust WorkforceImprove Plan







The most reliable way,
to scale workforce improvements

on the insights for big gains 


In this follow-on performance improvement phase, our strategic plan will incorporate the most cost-effective employment of our advanced improvement platforms underpinned by Onirik's Performance Breakthrough methodology.  Your plan will be designed to improve the factors identified as the drivers for the  performance and financial metrics of interest.

Step 1,
create top team dynamics & accountability

Circular Leadership heat map.png
Circular Leadership online program.png
Circular Leadership

Level up your leaders' capabilities, strengthen team dynamics, and increase overall performance – all in six weeks.


Your leaders will learn how to map their Conductor Analytics results to the strategic & practical actions that transform the dynamics of their teams.

Your leaders will learn exactly what people need to feel certain about their team’s direction, to feel strong enough to fully contribute, to trust that their teammates have their backs, and to fully participate in holding themselves and their teammates accountable to their team's goals. In other words, they'll learn how the top 13% of leaders elevate performance, satisfaction, agility and innovation.

Plus with high Psychological Safety,
comes better learning states...

Employee pointing to picture
Psychological Safety quadrant

Step 2,
give your leaders the platform to develop high performing teams

BravaTrak program.png
BravaTrak  Leadership


Research consistently demonstrates that, in organisations, effective leadership is a major causal factor for psychological safety, employee engagement, customer experience, productivity, and financial performance.  Companies with strong leadership outperform their peers by 19% or more, in terms of profitability, and 15% in terms of market value.  

BravaTrak  Leadership


The BravaTrak™ Leadership system is a business outcome-focused development & coaching platform proven to create more sustainable impact than off-the-shelf leadership training programs.  So far, more than  15,000 leaders have used this complete leadership system to propel the performance, satisfaction, agility and innovation of their teams to higher altitudes.


Identifies individual

leadership skill gaps

Provides the

'how' to improve

Ensures leaders

continuously improve

Identifies organisational

leadership skill gaps

Ensures leaders

action new skills

at a glance

Manager happy with results

We’ve reduced the number of staff by 31%, without reducing throughput. We increased productivity by so much that we’ve reduced the number of staff, from 48 to 33 (a 31% reduction), without reducing throughput. That’s as good as money in the bank.


You’ve got to bring the lower-performing people up to the level of the high-performers, and BravaTrak taught us how to get the best out of the people who weren’t performing. As a result, there was a boost in staff morale resulting in more productivity. The collections rate improved by 2% within the first three months, and this reduction has been maintained.

Jim Wrigley, former Australasian Collections Manager, ADT

BravaTrak  Leadership,
provides the what, how & when


Set performance measures

Together, we define specific critical behaviours that separate the top 15% of high performers in your business and/or industry. Once this has been established, we help you establish the performance measure targets for the first 90 day improvement cycle.

Develop coaching techniques

BravaTrak teaches your leaders the 6 Coaching Techniques to reinforce the specific behaviours they want team members to keep using, correct off-track behaviour, and guide team members when they need help.

Develop coaching capability

We provide a workshop or a 12 week blended learning e-learning program to build high performance coaching skills.  We also provide a Super Coach workshop to train select leaders & HR business partners to provide on-going coaching for leaders.

Track coaching experience

BravaTrak provides a coaching survey so you can see roll-up reporting of coaching quality across management groups and business units. This allows you to identify broader themes you may need to address and individual leadership development.

Coach performance behaviours

Most leaders direct their coaching focus on the wrong things.  One of the problems is they coach on results, without providing behavioural specifics. BravaTrak ensures your leaders coach the specific behaviours that maximise performance.

Embed coaching rhythm 

Most leaders coach infrequently, in a meeting room. However, the coaching that builds high performing teams are those daily, on-the-job conversations your leaders have with their team members, providing guidance, assistance and support

Track coaching activity

It’s not enough to specify the Coaching Rhythm your managers need to follow. BravaTrak provides an online Coaching Tracker to give you visibility of your managers’ coaching activity, so you can hold them accountable for taking action.

Keep leaders accountable

BravaTrak allows you to hold your leaders accountable for their High-Performance Coaching activity. This means you need to have a Coaching Rhythm in place, and have access to data on your managers coaching activity, and the quality of it.

Contact Centre.jpg


Sales reach new heights

A global airline contact centre was having trouble converting telephone enquiries into bookings which was impacting margin and share price.

They implemented the BravaTrak™ system together with our leadership & customer service models.

Sales conversion from booking enquiry increased by 27% within 3 months which solved their revenue problem. Call duration dropped by 7%. Customer satisfaction increased to more than 98%. The contact centre achieved the highest employee engagement level in the enterprise.

Click on image below to open & read Case Study

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2023 WE & WI Utility Case Study .png
2023 WE & WI Banking Case Study .png
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