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Leaders who have leveraged our Tools, Platforms and Systems to transform their Business Results & the working performance and experience of their People

Happy Leaders and Managers having leveraged Onirik's Intelligent Assessment Tools, Accelerated Learning Platforms and Reliable Reinforcement Systems for better business results
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Tools, Platforms and Systems to

Unleash The Best
In Your People
& Business

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Who've Gained Big Results By Developing Their People
Using Our Tools, Platforms & Systems

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Thank you very much for all of your help. It is difficult to express thanks to you in any way that remotely reflects the amazing results I have seen from your work. Only in part does the dollar measure of the results demonstrate the value your organisation has bought to ours.

Luke Halliday


Mercury Technology Solutions

Heading 3


Sales grew by 114% and the business became the 5th fastest growing company within the Australian IT industry within 1 year.


Service delivery productivity increased by more than 26% within 3 months.


World Class Employee Engagement and Best Practice Net Promoter Score.

Northern Lights

Tools, Platforms and Systems to

Unleash The Best
In Your People
& Business

Conductor Software dashboard showing variance in team Psychological Safety for business results


  • Assesses leadership performance, workforce wellbeing (psychological safety) and KPIs

  • Quantifies improvement value

  • Qualifies how to improve

Virtual World Rehearsal dashboard for accelerated learning within organisations




  • Changing leadership and workforce critical behaviours that improve workforce wellbeing and bottom-line results

BravaTrak Coaching Leadership Assessment


  • Embeding systems providing critical behaviour transparency to lock in changes and sustain the gains

We provide three solutions to business performance problems - Intelligent Assessment Tools, Accelerated Learning Platforms and Reliable Reinforcement Systems. These solutions help you positively impact the work lives of your employees & improve business results.  The three solutions can be stand alone or integrated into a Performance Break-thru Project.  


Our Intelligent Assessment Tools help organisations measure leadership and psychological safety and correlate them with your KPI and revenue or expense outcomes.  Our tools identify opportunities for improvement and quantify their value to the organisation so you can make fact based decisions about where best to allocated limited resources for the highest ROI. We also help organisations assess, identify and codify models of the ‘behaviours, mindsets, emotional and physiological states' of their highest performers’ - the key subsets that do impact results.  Alternately clients can draw upon our existing models of expertise for a wide range of roles.


Our Accelerated Learning Platforms transfer models required for exceptional performance in leadership and frontline roles through experiential learning. We use a mix of platforms including workshops, on-line learning, virtual world simulation games, digital twin challenges and coaching.  Our programs are designed to leverage the adaptive unconscious for accelerated learning and immediate unconscious competence.


Our Reliable Reinforcement Systems provide leaders and staff tools to support their mastery of the ‘models.’  The tools give guidelines and support on what to do, when to do it and how to do it.  At the same time they capture real time activity and can thus provide radical transparency and accountability around mindset, psychological safety, coaching by your leaders, and frontline staff use of the critical ‘high performer models.’  Our reinforcement systems ensure any learning is transferred to on-the-job behaviour and measurable performance improvement.  


When your leadership and frontline master and consistently execute the ‘high performer models' that matter in their role, every business can drive performance improvement and do so fast.

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Employees in Finance, IT, Mining, Retail, Transport & Utilities - Worldwide


Of Organisations that don't consistently meet KPI Targets


Of Organisations don't have Reliable Analytics on what Behaviours Drive Results

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Analytical Tools

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Conductor Software

Google, Gallup and Harvard have shown that workplace psychological safety drives business results. Conductor Software’s PS25™ survey instrument accurately measures an organisation’s psychological and leadership performance.


It’s also important to recognise that psychological safety is the leading indicator. Psychological safety predicts employee engagement, team dynamics, and commercial results for the enterprise.  Although employee engagement is a leading indicator for productivity, customer satisfaction growth and profit - employee engagement lags psychological safety. Employee engagement is the seed that can only grow in the soil of psychological safety.


Employee engagement interventions are attempting to construct the building before getting solid psychological safety foundations in place.

Conductor's Analytics Dashboard supports executive decision making because it shows the correlation between these leading indicators and the organisation’s key performance indicators and reveals the potential financial impact from improved psychological safety.


The dashboard provides actionable insights from the enterprise level right down to the individual leader so you know what steps to take to improve financial results.

Conductor Software measures Psychological Safety to improve trust, collaboration, innovation and productivity within organisations and business teams
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Learning Platforms

Online Learning Platforms & Virtual World Learning Platforms to accelerate learning, mastery and on-the-job application of the behaviours that drive results


The FutureView rehearsal is game-based learning in a virtual world platform that accelerates new technology deployment, the development of expertise for high stake, complex and difficult-to-train activities or solve ‘wicked’ problems without the cost of 'trial and error' in the real world.

The Cost of Failure is Virtual, Yet the Learning is Real

FutureView Virtul World Rehearsals for transformative business performance improvement by accelerating learning, collaboration, innovation and problem-solving
MAXX Virtual World Rehearsal for accelerating time to wisdom with improvements in agility, leadership and business acumen


MAXX offers a new way to “accelerate time to wisdom” without the risk of real world failures – not replacing the requirement for agile management technical proficiency and content knowledge, but taking the proficient and making them “expert” in agile leadership, strategic and business management dimensions.

BravaTrak Coaching Activity.png

7 Habits for Leadership 

We’ve found that World Class Leaders demonstrate 7 Habits or High Performance Coaching Disciplines. Although most leadership development programmes address an extraordinary range of competencies, it has become clear that a small sub-set of leadership and coaching skills correlates with building high performing teams, particularly for first-line and middle managers. BravaTrak develops your managers' capabilities to consistently implement the small sub-set of critical skills they need to drive results.

BravaTrak teaches your managers what to coach, when to coach and how to coach in order to win the game.

Stada7 leadership skills online platform accelerating effective leadership, psychological safety, emotional commitment and productivity in teams, the workplace, business and organisations
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Reinforcement Systems

Conductor Software.png

Performance Break-thru

Performance Break-thru is the fastest way we know to increase productivity. As it happens, it also improves employee engagement. When successfully implemented in your organisation, the proven processes will help you achieve a 21% increase in sales or service in 21 weeks, and it will continue to increase over time. Bear in mind, many organisations have achieved much larger improvements, much faster.

Performance Break-Thru project helps managers and leaders gain real sustainable profit growth through developing effective leadership, psychological safety and trust, employee engagement and customer loyalty
BravaTrak Coaching Leadership Assessment

Real-Time Coaching System 

BravaTrak develops high performance coaching within organisations fast and provides radical transparency and develops accountability and high performing teams within organisations

BravaTrak gives you real-time visibility of your managers’ coaching activity.


Most businesses don’t have real-time visibility of what coaching your managers are doing. Without data on their coaching activity and on the quality of their coaching, you can’t hold them accountable for doing what they need to. Nor do you know what support they need.  


BravaTrak shows you that your managers are coaching the right thing, at the right time, in the right way in order to win the game.

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Today’s scarcest business resource is high performing human capital; the talent and commitment of your workforce. Difference-making talent is 3 times more productive than disengaged employees. When people are effectively led, and consistently do the 5-7 things that matter in their role, every business can drive performance improvement fast. In doing so it can improve profits and positively impact the work lives of your people.  

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Developing high performing teams in the workplace



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