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Monetise your tailings...

Tailings Removal & Upcycling

tailings into treasure

Clean up the past

For Governing Bodies

By partnering with us, you can:

  • Restore the environment: Have us clean up abandoned historical tailings waste by removing it, to undergo environmentally-friendly processing at one of our facilities, for you, at no cost.

  • Unlock hidden revenue: We transform abandoned tailings waste problem into an income generator. 

Be a ESG leader

For Operating Mines

By partnering with us, you can:

  • Leverage waste management: Have us collect your tailings, at no cost to you.  This allows you to flip a waste problem into a profit generator. 

  • Embrace sustainability: Our work will help you be a leader in responsible, environmentally-friendly mining practices that contribute to creating a circular economy.

Your 'Why'

Have your




Repurposing &


Create a



No Time

and Cost

to You

Be apart of

creating a

Circular Economy

Become a

Leader in


Flip a Tailings​

Liability to a

Tailings Asset

Cut the

Cost of


Our 'Why'

AMPI's 20 Years

of Research &


Contribute to

Making Mining


Turn Tailings into a

Next-Generation, Patented

All-Natural Fertiliser

Solve the Soil & Crop  Health Problems

for Agriculture

From Waste Liability to
Tailings Asset

Image by Chris Bair


Onirik's partner, Advanced Materials Processing Inc. (AMPI) collect the historical or  your current tailing waste and transport to one of our processing plants, at no cost to you.  Optionally, we can build and licence a processing plant on your mine site



  1. Mine tailings are processed and unwanted elements are selectively removed with non-toxic chemicals.

Fertiliser production:

  1. Mine waste is combined with a blend of all -natural products for superior performance.

  2. The mixture undergoes anaerobic digestion (oxygen-free environment).

  3. This process creates solid and liquid all-natural fertilisers as well as methane gas (this gas can be used for electricity or heat generation).


  1. You enjoy a risk-free, no-cost clean-up of your tailings waste.

  2. You transform a tailings cost liability to a tailings revenue asset.

  3. We both contribute to creating a positive impact on mining sustainability, local communities, the circular economy, eco-systems & environment and climate change.

Proof of concept,
recovery of minerals from tailings

Onirik's partner, Advanced Materials Processing Inc. (AMPI) commissioned American Assay Laboratories (AAL) in September 2017 to conduct an independent report on their process for recovery of gold from mine waste sites, specifically focusing on the Plymouth, California area.  Data used for this report was extracted from proprietary AMPI documents. All AMPI and vendor reports presently cited are available for inspection by request upon execution of a non-disclosure agreement.

AAL's report highlights the potential of AMPI's non-toxic leaching process as a viable solution for recovering minerals from mine waste.

This project serves as a proof of concept for AMPI's technology to recover gold from mine waste in an environmentally friendly way.


Here are the key points from their report.

Challenges and traditional methods

  • Traditional gravity methods used by original miners are ineffective for recovering microscopic gold particles remaining in the waste.

  • These tiny gold particles are dispersed within crushed rock, making them undetectable by traditional methods.

Successful pilot test

  • A pilot test using Virginia City mine waste achieved a 47% gold recovery efficiency.

  • Independent laboratory analysis confirmed the presence and amount of gold extracted.

AMPI's innovative solution

  • AMPI's process utilises a water-based leaching solution with non-toxic chemicals (mainly thiosulfate salts) to dissolve gold from the rock particles.

  • This method is a well-established technology, typically used with cyanide, but AMPI's approach eliminates the environmental hazards of cyanide.

Plymouth assays

  • Initial assays of Plymouth mine waste samples revealed gold content ranging from 0.079 to 1.223 troy ounces per metric ton (t.oz/m.T).

  • AMPI plans to analyse additional samples from various depths across the entire Plymouth site.

Image by Red Zeppelin

Repurposing mine waste for a better future!

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