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How mining can accelerate learning and development of expertise from years to hours

A series of key trends and drivers are providing mining organizations new means to accelerate change.

One that stands is massive multiplayer digital twin educational virtual world gaming that will enable mining organizations to accelerate learning and development of expertise from years to hours; to leverage collective intelligence in simulations for lasting business impact. 

#DigitalTwin technology refers to a digital replica of a physical object or system that can be tested and examined without actually interacting with it in the real world.  This can be anything from a small factory machine to an entire mining business – the mineral resource, mine operation, transport to market and the market.

I like having a virtual sandbox that allows you to test and play with your business systems in a safe and risk-free environment.

A digital twin has three components:

1.      The physical object(s) or systems in reality,

2.     A digital twin in software form,

3.     Data that links the two together.

This link means can investigate the object or process by querying the data and communicate actions through the digital twin to its physical counterpart.

We call these applications #MegaWorlds  and the technology is being used for much more than you can imagine.

You can put entire crews, or representatives from all the functional units into the simulation and have them rehearse operation, collaboration, new technology deployment, increasing productivity, lifting safety, and more.

#VirtualWorlds give mines an opportunity to leapfrog existing teaching methods and operational practice.

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