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Pairing virtual reality & digital twins

Updated: Mar 15

When pairing the concepts of virtual reality and digital twins most people conjure up a representation similar to the image below (for product design and testing and predictive analysis). What if you could do much more?

Man wearing VR googles working on product

With Mega Worlds we have a bigger and richer representation. Mega Worlds can implement VR technologies in the digital twin design and management of your whole business (not just a product) to improve productivity and also enhance innovation, experimentation and predictive analysis with the potential significantly improving safety culture, improve agility, increase revenue and reduce costs.

Mega Worlds can adapt to many use cases in your company. And what is the return on investment (ROI) of using a #megaworlds? Our experience with client projects tells us there are many benefits, including saving time (e.g. faster deployment of transformation projects or deployment of new technology), reduced costs (e.g. reduction in rework and work-backlog, increase on throughput). And the gains are not just quantitative, they are also qualitative, like improving safety culture, fostering innovation mindset, and accelerating improvement of workforce skills. Mega World projects have consistently delivered staggering ROI’s in the 1,000% and above range.

Mega Worlds combination of virtual reality and digital twin technology gives you and your workforce the opportunity to see at real scale your future, and rehearse paths to accelerate time to that end-game.

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