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MFT could prevent the forecast EV mineral shortfall

What if the oil, gas and mineral exploration equation can be changed?

  • What if the time taken can be reduced to under 6 months?

  • What if the costs can be reduced by 80%?

  • What if the success rate could be increased to above 50%?

  • What if you can explore with no environmental impact?

  • What if it has been proven, on more than 100 projects in the last decade, that you can do these things?

What makes the the #MineralFinderTechnology (MFT) and #OilandGasFinderTechnology #OFT an opportunity for mining companies is that we live in a world where demand is exceeding supply.

For example, according to various industry reports and projections, the demand for Electric Vehicle (EV) minerals is expected to surge, due to increasing EV sales and government policies promoting electric mobility. And there will be massive shortfalls unless the mining industry can rapidly get more mines into production.

Electric power stations, EV minerals

Additionally, mining of EV minerals is typically concentrated in a few countries. The production of some #EVminerals, such as cobalt and rare earth elements, is also concentrated in politically unstable regions, with questionable labour practices. This can create supply chain risks unless unless the mining industry discover new safer sources and rapidly get more mines into production.

Being able to quickly discover, map, quantify, and value new sources of EV minerals with #MFT could prevent the forecast EV mineral shortfall.

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