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MFT is as 'good as gold'

In this post, I’m talking about a #mineralfindertechnology (MFT) application example.

In one case study, in Mexico, the client had spent $US10 million on previous geophysical field work. Then progress stalled for 5 years without progress on delimiting the deposit.

A 17-week Mineral Finder Technology (MFT) project targeted an 8.6 square km study area, identified, and examined, 27 gold anomalies.

It reported 1 million ounces of gold, plus copper and silver.

Subsequent drilling results verified the location, concentration, and value, of the gold, copper and silver identified by Mineral Finder Technology, at better than 94% accuracy.

The combined #MFT and drilling project valued the proved gold reserve at $US1.5 billion, and the tenement at between $US150 million and $US250 million.

The estimated time saving, and drilling cost reduction, was 80%.

MFT maps from Mexico Case Study

Mineral Finder Technology has been used successfully by many mining clients around the world (more than 100 projects so far), in the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia to reduce exploration time and cut drilling costs.

As one client described it, “MFT is an MRI for orebodies. A non-invasive environmentally friendly technology that yields accurate 3-dimensional orebody maps quickly and for low cost. MFT is as good as gold!” 

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