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Phase 2, Step 2 of MFT

I’m still talking about a #mineralfindertechnology (MFT) that has the potential to accelerate the speed of the exploration phase of mining, reduce costs, and increase the success rates. This technology been a game-changer for mining exploration for a decade, but is still not widely known.

In Phase 2, Step 2 or side view, we use Vertical Electro Resonance Sounding - VERS for the depth dimension mapping of the orebody. Some people describe it as Virtual Drilling.

In the VERS step, we focus our further investigation to the subset of anomalies of most interest after the previous steps to improve resolution and understand the depth of the reefs, and thicknesses of the orebodies. The selection of which areas to investigate is made in conjunction with our client.

Phase 2, Step 2 or side view of MFT

In Phase 2 Step 2 (VERS) of #MFT we criss-cross the anomalies with GPS and small portable VERS units on foot. Antenna are inserted into probing points that are usually selected in the central parts of the anomalies. The VERS equipment issues a short impulse at the frequency of resonance of the material in the anomaly. The pulse interacts with all the subsoil layers (down to 9.7 km) and if the material of interest, the one at the resonant frequency, is there it generates a response which we capture and process to create a vertical layer mapping. We also identify groundwater in this step.

At this point the resolution can be increased (or if you prefer the scale is decreased) by another order of magnitude. So, if spectroscopy points were 100 m apart, and FSPEF were 10 m apart; VERS measurements can be made 1 m apart, depending on the client requirements.

The mode of transport here must be on foot because the equipment is inserted into or in contact with the earth.

After the site work, we return to the office for the data analysis, to build an accurate 3-dimensional map of the orebody and the grades, so it is possible to make preliminary calculations on the volume, mass and value of the mineralisation.

I’ll expand upon this last step in my next posting.

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